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Under the tutelage of Head Coach Norris Vaughan, 30 Mountain Pointe football players have signed with Division One schools over the past eight years.



Alex Lewis  –  Nebraska
Ben Demarr   –  Air Force
Davon Jones   –  Mississippi Valley State


Izzy Marshall  –   Arizona State
Jose Romero   –  Arizona
JR Plote   –  South Dakota State


RJ Hollis  –  Hawaii


Kenny Lacy  –  UCLA
Tre Campbell  –  Georgia State
Landry Payne  –  Oregon State
Thair Blakes  –  UAB


Jalen Brown  –  Oregon/Northwestern
Wesley Payne  –  Oregon State
Timmy Hernandez  –  Oregon State
Markell Simmons  –  TCU
Natrell Curtis  –  UAB
Dominique Fenstermacher  –  UNLV
Mitchell Fraboni  –  ASU
Emmanuel Butler  –  NAU
Deontay Townsend  –  Sam Houston State
Xavier Cochrane  –  Colorado


Nick Carman  –  Utah
Davis Perrott  –  Washington State
Paul Lucas  –  Oregon State
Brandyn Leonard  –  New Mexico State


Jack Smith  –  Arizona State


Isaiah Pola-Mao  –  USC
Eddie Rivas  –  NAU
Jaydon Brooks  –  Navy
Rashie Hodge  –  South Dakota State

Pride representing Arizona at Oregon State!  |  

Football factories: High schools producing college talent

, azcentral sports2:37 p.m. MST September 29, 2016

Many high schools in Arizona have been sending players to the next level for years. In fact, this season, 37 Arizona high schools have more than one former player on FBS college football team rosters. We rank each high school with at least two former players at the next level. (Note: Data includes players only at the FBS, or Football Bowl Subdivision level.) Where does your school stand?


1. Chandler Hamilton (14)

  • Arizona: Kyeler Burke, safety, 6-11, 174, freshman
  • Texas A&M: Qualen Cunningham, defensive line, 6-3, 240, junior
  • Oregon: Reggie Daniels, defensive back, 6-1, 205, senior
  • California: A.J. Greathouse, cornerback, 6-0, 195, junior
  • Army: Bryce Holland, offensive line, 6-2, 285, junior
  • Arizona: Malcolm Holland, cornerback, 5-11, 182, freshman
  • Arizona: Jalen Jenkins, safety, 5-10, 185, freshman
  • Kansas: Kwamie Lassiter II, wide receiver, 5-11, 165, freshman
  • Notre Dame:  Cole Luke,    cornerback, 5-11, 195, senior
  • Oregon State: Trent Moore, offensive line, 6-4, 297, sophomore
  • Stanford: J.J. Parson, cornerback, 5-10, 173, freshman
  • Vanderbilt: Caleb Peart, linebacker, 6-1, 234, freshman
  • Wisconsin: Garrett Rand, defensive end, 6-2, 274, freshman
  • Stanford: Casey Tucker, offensive line, 6-6, 301, junior

2. Phoenix Mountain Pointe (13)

  • Oregon: Jalen Brown, wide receiver, 6-1, 200, sophomore
  • Georgia State: Cloves Campbell, defensive back, 6-1, 205, senior
  • Utah: Nick Carman, offensive line, 6-3, 276, freshman
  • UAB: Natrell Curtis, offensive line, 6-3, 335, freshman
  • Colorado: Xavier Cochrane, wide receiver, 5-9, 170, sophomore
  • ASU: Mitchell Fraboni, long snapper, 6-2, 217, junior
  • Oregon State: Timmy Hernandez, wide receiver, 6-0, 195, sophomore
  • Hawaii: R.J. Hollis, offensive line, 6-4, 295, senior
  • UCLA: Kenny Lacy, offensive line, 6-4, 305, junior
  • Oregon State: Paul Lucas, wide receiver, 5-11, 188, sophomore
  • Oregon State: Landry Payne, safety, 6-0, 195, junior
  • Oregon State: Wesley Payne, linebacker, 5-10, 215, junior
  • ASU: Jack Smith, athlete, 6-1, 185, freshman

3. Peoria Centennial (12)

  • California: Kamryn Bennett, offensive line, 6-3, 295, sophomore
  • Old Dominion: Reed Buce, long snapper, 6-2, 209, junior
  • Arizona: Layth Friekh, offensive line, 6-5, 282, junior
  • Purdue: Tanner Hawthorne, offensive line, 6-6, 275, freshman
  • UNLV: Troy Hawthorne, defensive back, 6-3, 210, senior
  • Stanford: Zach Hoffpauir, safety, 6-0, 202, senior
  • ASU: Marshal Nathe, offensive line, 6-3, 290, freshman
  • Wyoming: Jalen Ortiz, defensive back, 5-10,    196, junior
  • Arizona: Shawn Poindexter, wide receiver, 6-5, 210, junior
  • Arizona: Isaac Steele, cornerback, 6-1, 171, freshman
  • Colorado: Brett Tonz, defensive end, 6-3, 285, freshman
  • Nebraska: Dedrick Young II, linebacker, 6-1, 220, sophomore

3. Chandler (12)

  • Utah State: Devin Centers, defensive back, 5-9, 200, senior
  • Oregon State: Darell Garretson, quarterback, 6-0, 209, junior
  • Colorado: Justin Jan, wide receiver, 6-3, 210, freshman
  • ASU: N’Keal Harry, wide receiver, 6-4, 200, freshman
  • ASU: Jordan Hoyt, defensive line, 6-4, 280, junior
  • ASU: Chase Lucas, 6-0, 170, defensive back, freshman
  • ASU: Tyler McClure, offensive line, 6-1, 271, junior
  • Oregon State: Mason Moran, quarterback, 6-3, 185, freshman
  • ASU: Bryce Perkins, quarterback, 6-3, 215, freshman
  • Oregon State: Hamilcar Rashed Jr., linebacker, 6-4, 222, freshman
  • Memphis: Dustin Woodard, offensive line, 6-2, 285, freshman
  • San Diego State: Kyree Woods, cornerback, 6-0, 175, freshman

5. Scottsdale Chaparral (10)

  • New Mexico State: Josh Aganon, wide receiver, 5-10, 185, junior
  • Virginia: Connor Brewer, quarterback, 6-2, 195, senior
  • ASU: Ryan Bright, wide receiver, 6-5, 190, freshman
  • Massachusetts: Jordin Hamilton, cornerback, 5-10, 172, junior
  • Arizona: Cody Ippolito, linebacker, 6-2, 248, senior
  • Arizona: Davonte’ Neal, cornerback, 5-10, 178, senior
  • Boise State: Jake Roh, tight end, 6-3, 227, junior
  • Arizona: Keenan Walker, offensive line, 6-5, 283, freshman
  • ASU: Tyler Whiley, defensive back, 6-0, 210, sophomore
  • Arizona: Trevor Wood, tight end, 6-5, 258, sophomore

5. Scottsdale Saguaro (10)

  • UNLV: Aaron Borg, linebacker, 6-1, 225, junior
  • Miami: Jordan Butler, long snapper, 5-9, 190, sophomore
  • Boise State: Julian Carter, wide receiver, 6-2, 200, freshman
  • Navy: Rob Dusz, nose guard, 6-0, 287, senior
  • UNLV: Andrew Erbes, offensive line, 6-2, 310, junior
  • Texas A&M: Christian Kirk, wide receiver, 5-11, 200, sophomore
  • Wisconsin: Karé Lyles, quarterback, 6-0, 214, freshman
  • Washington: Byron Murphy, defensive back, 5-11, 170, freshman
  • Purdue: Jalen Neal, offensive line, 6-8, 315, junior
  • California: Luke Rubenzer, safety, 6-0, 195, junior

7. Phoenix Brophy Prep (9)

  • Oregon: Devon Allen, wide receiver, 6-0, 185, junior
  • ASU: Frederick Gammage, wide receiver, 5-11. 185, senior
  • Stanford: A.T. Hall, offensive line, 6-5, 295, junior
  • Stanford: C.J. Keller, long snapper, 6-3, 210, junior
  • USC: Connor Murphy, defensive end, 6-7, 255, freshman
  • Colorado: Isaiah Oliver, defensive back, 6-1, 190, sophomore
  • Arizona: Donald Reiter, long snapper, 5-10, 254, freshman
  • ASU: Owen Rogers, safety, 6-1, 190, sophomore
  • Army: Ryan Velez, running back, 5-11, 195, freshman

8. Chandler Basha (7)

  • ASU: J.D. Alexander, tight end, 6-1, 212, freshman
  • ASU: Manuel Harris, wide receiver, 6-1, 172, freshman
  • Arizona: Nate Phillips, wide receiver, 5-7, 186, senior
  • Navy: Ronnie Querry, long snapper, 6-1, 208, junior
  • Arizona: Brandon Rutt, linebacker, 6-1, 215, sophomore
  • San Jose State: Evan Sarver, offensive line, 6-5, 297, senior
  • Arizona: Zach Werlinger, quarterback, 6-1, 188, sophomore

9. Phoenix Desert Vista (6)

  • LSU: Connor Culp, kicker, 5-11, 186, freshman
  • Utah: J.J. Dielman, offensive line, 6-5, 300, senior
  • Navy: Dylan Fischer, nose guard, 6-2, 307, junior
  • Oregon: Jalen Jelks, defensive line, 6-6, 268, sophomore
  • ASU: Drew McIntyre, athlete, 6-1, 220, freshman
  • New Mexico State: Peyton Theisler, punter, 5-8, 160, freshman

9. Gilbert Perry (6)

  • BYU: Mitch Harris, long snapper, 6-4, 215, freshman
  • BYU: Chandon Herring, offensive line, 6-7, 270, freshman
  • New Mexico State: Andrew Kenney, long snapper, 6-0, 220, senior
  • San Jose State: Deano Motes, offensive line, 6-5, 278, freshman
  • Washington: Taelon Parson, wide receiver, 6-1, 194, junior
  • Stanford: Lane Veach, linebacker, 6-6, 239, junior

11. Tucson Salpointe Catholic (5)

  • SMU: Carlos Carroll, linebacker, 6-3, 238, junior
  • Arizona: Cam Denson, wide receiver, 5-11, 187, junior
  • SMU: Travis Fister, offensive line, 6-2, 274, junior
  • Kentucky: Dylan Greenberg, offensive line, 6-2, 302, junior
  • Arizona: Justin Holt, defensive tackle, 6-2, 285, freshman

11. Vail Cienega (5)

  • Arizona: Matt Aragon, punter, 6-5, 211, freshman
  • Navy: Daniel Gonzales, linebacker, 6-2, 240, senior
  • Army: Christian Poe, wide receiver, 6-3, 190, sophomore
  • Army: Edgar Poe, wide receiver, 6-4, 216, senior
  • Hawaii: Jalen Rogers, defensive back, 6-1, 200, senior

11. Scottsdale Notre Dame Prep (5)

  • ASU: Grant Martinez, tight end, 6-5, 235, junior
  • Colorado: Jordan Gehrke, quarterback, 6-1, 200, senior
  • Arizona: Nick Reinhardt, long snapper, 6-1, 240, sophomore
  • Michigan: Brendan White, wide receiver, 6-1, 191, sophomore
  • Arizona: Parker Zellers, defensive line, 6-1, 247, junior

11. Glendale Mountain Ridge (5)

  • San Diego State: Turner Bernard, long snapper, 6-1, 200, freshman
  • Southern Mississippi: Cody Block, long snapper, 6-0, 215, junior
  • Boise State: Austin Cottrell, wide receiver, 6-2, 202, junior
  • San Jose State: Troy Kowalski, offensive line, 6-5, 293, freshman
  • Utah State: Brandon Pada, long snapper 5-11, 220, freshman

15. Mesa Red Mountain (4)

  • Utah State: Ethan Cortazzo, wide receiver, 6-0, 195, junior
  • BYU: Quin Ficklin, offensive line, 6-3, 280, sophomore
  • San Jose State: Billy Freeman, tight end, 6-3, 231, senior
  • Arizona: Josh McCauley, offensive line, 6-3, 266, freshman

15. Scottsdale Desert Mountain (4)

  • Houston: Kyle Allen, quarterback, 6-3, 210, junior
  • Oklahoma: Mark Andrews, wide receiver, 6-5, 250, sophomore
  • Arizona: Christian Boettcher, offensive line, 6-2, 285, sophomore
  • Idaho: D.J. Olmstead, defensive back, 5-11, 184, junior

15. Oro Valley Ironwood Ridge (4)

  • Arizona: Tyler Grammar, safety, 5-10, 190, senior
  • Arizona: Jake Matthews, linebacker, 6-3, 230, senior
  • New Mexico State: Kennon Nunez, long snapper, 6-2, 208, freshman
  • Air Force: Tyler Williams, wide receiver, 5-10, 185, junior

15. Tucson Sabino (4)

  • Navy: Marcus Edwards, nose guard, 6-4, 285, freshman
  • Arizona: Albert Green, safety, 5-10, 207, freshman
  • Florida: Andrew Mike, offensive line, 6-6, 301, sophomore
  • Army: Jeremy Timpf, linebacker, 6-1, 230, senior

15. Gilbert Higley (4)

  • ASU: Quinn Bailey, offensive line, 6-5, 311, sophomore
  • Nevada: Nick Colson, tight end, 6-4, 220, freshman
  • ASU: Trent Gilbert, wide receiver, 6-2, 186, freshman
  • ASU: Michael Tate, offensive line, 6-3, 280, freshman

15. Tucson (4)

  • New Mexico State: Austin Perkins, defensive back, 5-9, 175, freshman
  • San Diego State: Antonio Rosales, offensive lineman, 6-4, 295, junior
  • TCU: Markell Simmons, safety, 6-1, 200, sophomore
  • Alabama: Levi Wallace, defensive back, 6-0, 170, junior

21. Mesa Mountain View (3)

  • ASU: Jacom Brimhall, running back, 5-8, 185, junior
  • ASU: Brandon Mathews, linebacker, 6-0, 216, senior
  • BYU: Cody Stewart, defensive back, 6-3, 191, junior

21. Gilbert Mesquite (3)

  • Eastern Michigan: Juan Giraldo, defensive back, 5-11, 202, junior
  • ASU: Kody Kohl, tight end, 6-3, 235, senior
  • New Mexico State: Roy Lopez, defensive line, 6-2, 290, freshman

21. Paradise Valley (3)

  • Washington: Daniel Bridge-Gadd, quarterback, 6-2, 199, freshman
  • North Carolina State: Ryan Finley, quarterback, 6-4, 200, sophomore
  • Idaho: Patrick Johnson, offensive line, 6-2, 290, sophomore

21. Phoenix Horizon (3)

  • Baylor: Harrison Fox, offensive line, 6-2, 300, junior
  • Utah: Jake Grant, offensive line, 6-3, 290, freshman
  • UNLV: Dalton Sneed, quarterback, 6-0, 195, freshman

21. Gilbert (3)

  • UNLV: Will Kreitler, offensive line, 6-0, 295, senior
  • ASU: Steven Miller, offensive line, 6-5, 310, freshman
  • BYU: Young Tanner, quarterback, 6-0, 190, sophomore

21. Peoria Liberty (3)

  • Marshall: Deyton Jackson, wide receiver, 5-11, 174, freshman
  • New Mexico State: Tyler Rogers, quarterback, 6-3, 218, senior
  • Utah State: Travis Seefeldt, nose guard, 6-1, 305, senior

27. Anthem Boulder Creek (2)

  • Arizona: Nathan Eldridge, offensive line, 6-3, 290, freshman
  • Arizona: Gunther Johnson, quarterback, 6-0, 187, freshman

27. Marana Mountain View (2)

  • Arizona: Richie Estrada, running back, 5-10, 201, sophomore
  • Arizona: Demetrius Flannigan-Fowles, safety, 6-2, 199, sophomore

27. Phoenix Thunderbird (2)

  • Oregon: Kani Benoit, running back, 6-0, 210, junior
  • Arizona: Jake Glatting, punter, 6-3, 206, sophomore

27. Buckeye (2)

  • Arizona: DeAndre’ Miller, linebacker, 6-3, 236, junior
  • Idaho: Aaron Pue, linebacker, 5-7, 207, freshman

27. Phoenix Shadow Mountain (2)

  • Arizona: Isaiah Strong, cornerback, 6-0, 172, junior
  • BYU: Beau Tanner, wide receiver, 6-0, 188, freshman

27. Tempe Marcos de Niza (2)

  • ASU: Richie Becerra, linebacker, 5-11, 200, junior
  • Texas A&M: Priest Willis, defensive back, 6-2, 200, junior

27. Goodyear Desert Edge (2)

  • New Mexico State: Sebastian Anderson, offensive line, 6-6, 290, freshman
  • ASU: Brock Corbin, offensive line, 6-7, 315, freshman

27. Gilbert Williams Field (2)

  • ASU: Cade Cote, offensive line, 6-4, 281, freshman
  • ASU: Colbe Smelser, linebacker, 5-9, 210, junior

27. Peoria Sunrise Mountain (2)

  • Utah State: Preston Brooksby, offensive line, 6-5, 295, junior
  • Colorado State: Elroy Masters, Jr., wide receiver, 6-2, 215, junior

27. Surprise Valley Vista (2)

  • UTEP: Terry Juniel, wide receiver, 5-10, 180, sophomore
  • Louisville: Gio Pascascio, wide receiver, 6-3, 195, senior

27. Phoenix North Canyon (2)

  • Wyoming: John Okwoli, wide receiver, 6-2, 205, freshman
  • New Mexico: Evahelotu Tohi, linebacker, LB, 6-2, 235, junior

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(Photo: David Kadlubowski/azcentral sports)

Coach Norris Vaughan leads Mountain Pointe High School football practice Wednesday, July 27, 2016 in Phoenix, Ariz.

Mountain Pointe football faster, stronger, ready for title run

, azcentral sports12:57 p.m. MST July 28, 2016

Phoenix Mountain Pointe football coach Norris Vaughan, riding in his golf cart, gave a tour of the facilities that are enclosed with a Wall of Fame wind-resistant banner along the fence (thanks to Under Armour and the booster club). That banner shows action photos of top players since Vaughan began restoring pride in the Pride in 2009.

Jalen Brown, Wesley Payne, Kenny Lacy, Emmanuel Butler and Natrell Curtis are among the honored players.

It’s been an assembly line of great talent since Vaughan arrived with more ready to take center stage this season when the Pride line up against the likes of Chandler and company to try to make another run for the state championship in the 6A Conference.

Mountain Pointe’s only loss last season was to eventual champion Peoria Centennial in the state semifinals.

“It makes you more desperate to win,” said Rashie Hodge, one of the state’s best athletes who can play running back, receiver, tight end, safety and linebacker.

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Vaughan said that Noah Grover would have been the starting quarterback last season if Jack Smith hadn’t moved in from Indiana. Smith, now at Arizona State, was a good runner who can pass. Grover might be a better passer, Vaughan believes.

Mountain Pointe lost only one 7-on-7 passing league tournament game in June, and most of the success was due to Grover.

“I think we have one of the best quarterbacks in the state,” Vaughan said.

Watch for a balanced attack with speedy junior Gary Bragg emerging as the go-to ball carrier on the ground. The line is stacked with Eddie Rivas and Mason Honne back to anchor it. Senior running back Anthony Stephens will miss the first two games, but watch out. He’s got 4.4 speed in the 40.

Grover will have plenty of targets, led by 6-foot-4, 195-pound Isaiah Pola-Mao and Jaydon Brooks (5-10, 165).

Pola-Mao is a two-time All-Arizona safety who will be on defense all the time. He has double-digit major college scholarship offers, but Vaughan believes he could be a Division I receiver, also.

“We’re going to pass it 20-plus times again and we’re going to run it I hope a lot,” Vaughan said. “We’re going to have a good line.

“We have some good players. We expect a lot.”

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This could be as good a defense as Vaughan has had, which is saying a lot because that 2013 team that went 14-0 was absolutely loaded on defense.

But down the middle, led by the Pola-Mao brothers, this team is fast, physical and nasty.

Cornerback Antwaun Woodberry is ready to have a huge season.

“Everybody is fast on defense, even our D-line,” Woodberry said. “We have to keep the bar high. If we go down low that can cost us some games. That could hurt us.”

Vaughan says he has seven very talented offensive linemen, and “our defensive line might be even better.”

Aside from the younger Palo-Mao (6-2, 300), a sophomore who made a varsity impact as a freshman, the Pride line up Shomari Hayes (6-2, 270) and Khalif Ravenell and Michael Washington, who can both play linebacker.

MORE: High school football summer series schedule

On the lookout

Rashie Hodge, LB/RB, 6-0, 195, Sr.

Vaughan says this guy is reminiscent to Wesley Payne, the heart and soul of Mountain Pointe’s only state championship team in 2013.

“I would rank him right up there with Isaiah Pola-Moa,” Vaughan said. “I know you’ll look at me funny, but as a football player, that’s where I’d rank him. He’s fast. He’s strong.”

On the calendar

Sept. 8, vs. Chandler at Mountain Pointe

This is a Cox7 Thursday night TV game in the third game of the season for the Pride. These teams could be ranked 1 and 2 in the state at the time. They didn’t play each other last season, but two years ago, they were involved in two of the more physical and entertaining games of the year.

On the record

“It should wake us up a lot more and come back a lot better.” – sophomore DT Matthew Pola-Mao.

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Jalen Brown caught a state-record 50 career touchdown passes at Mountain Pointe from 2010-13.  (Photo: David Kadlubowski/azcentral sports)

Mountain Pointe’s all-time greatest high school football players

, azcentral sports10:57 a.m. MST September 22, 2015

It started in the early 1990s under the construction of Karl Kiefer, a Hall of Fame coach who had turned Tempe McClintock into a perennial state powerhouse.

It now is in the hands of Norris Vaughan, who took Phoenix Mountain to the top in 2013 with a top-five national power that went 14-0, the school’s only undefeated and state championship big-school team.

Mountain Pointe football was built on the run, so to speak.

Run, run and run.

The school’s all-time list is loaded with gritty, big-play backs and led by the state record holder for career touchdown catches.

Here are my picks for Mountain Pointe’s Terrific Ten:


No. 1 Jalen Brown, WR/DB, 2014

Caught a state-record 50 career touchdown passes from 2010-13. As a freshman, he already stood out, staring both at receiver and safety.  He was a big cog to Mountain Pointe’s two best seasons in 2012 (a state runnerup  finish) and 2013 (14-0 and state championship). Brown was the catalyst of that 2013 Mountain Pointe team that finished among the top five in the nation. Brown, now a redshirt freshman at Oregon, caught his first collegiate pass last week against Georgia State.

No. 2 Keith Brown, RB, 1996

Brown was the first big back in the Karl Kiefer era, rushing for 31 touchdowns in 1995. Brown’s season school record of 2,701 yards in ’95 still stands today. He made USA TodayAll-American honorable mention. Mountain Pointe rode Brown, who ran the ball 337 times his last season. He is the only Mountain Pointe player to ever have more than 300 carries in a season. He went on to play as a 220-pound tailback at UCLA.

No. 3 Alex Lewis, OL, 2011

A 6-foot-6, 290-pound left tackle who is expected to be an NFL draft pick in the spring. He is currently a senior captain at Nebraska, where he started all  13 games last season, helping the Cornhuskers be among the top 20 teams in the nation in rushing. Lewis keyed the best running team Vaughan had in 2010, when he had two 1,000-yard rushers and the Pride averaged 315 yards rushing a game. His father Bill Lewis was an NFL lineman, who played for the Cardinals. Alex Lewis transferred to Nebraska after playing his first two seasons at Colorado. He played for the Buffaloes as a true freshman.

No. 4 Antonio Hinojosa, QB, 2014

The most prolific and successful quarterback in school history, he holds school records for most TD passes in a game (five, twice in 2012), most TD passes in a season (top two at 32 in 2013 and 31 in 2012), and most touchdown passes in a career (63 with the next-closest at 23) to go with several others. Only 5-11 and 170 pounds, he was slippery and accurate, taking advantage of his speedy play-makers.

No. 5 Michael Moore, RB, 2006

He was a big, between-the-tackles back at 6-foot-1, 200 pounds, who had six touchdowns in a game during his senior season, which still stands as a school record, tied with Skeeter Brown, who set it in 1994. Moore had 25 touchdowns in 2005. He holds the school record for most rushing yards in a game at 337, against Tempe Corona del Sol, in his last year. He averaged 9.8 yards a carry his senior year. Personal setbacks kept him from fulfilling his football potential in college.

No. 6 Nic Lovett, RB, 2000

Before going onto Weber State, Lovett made his father proud, before Mark Lovett — a former Arizona State fullback who was a big part of the Sun Devils’ undefeated 1975 team that beat Nebraska in the Fiesta Bowl — died in 2001, while coaching at Mountain Pointe. Mountain Pointe’s practice field is now named after Mark Lovett, who coached running backs and linebackers for Kiefer. Nic was a chip off the block with his ability to spring loose for big plays in 1999, when he ran for 1,899 yards. He holds the school record for career rushing yards with 3,330 between 1996-99.

No. 7 Landry Payne, LB, 2013

He was part of the dynamic duo Payne brothers in 2012 with younger brother Wesley racking up 170 tackles on that 12-2 state runnerup team. Landry was even more impressive with his ability to get into the backfield. He was only 5-10 and about 170 pounds, but Landry hit like a locomotive. Big number 7 had seven sacks and 16 tackles for losses his senior season to go with 92 tackles, 53 solo. And, oh yeah, when the Pride needed extra offensive punch, Landry delivered. He averaged 19.54 yards on 13 carries.

No. 8 Wesley Payne, LB/RB, 2014

Slightly bigger than older brother Landry at 5-10 and 190 pounds, Wesley’ fire fueled Mountain Pointe’s greatest season in 2013. Even though he missed two games with an injury and played much of the season banged up, Payne had 58 tackles following the school-record 170 he had as a junior. He also was the thunder to Paul Lucas’ lightning in the backfield, rushing for 938 yards and 12 TDs. Nobody will forget that season-opening 28-21 victory at Las Vegas Bishop Gorman, where Payne’s fury was unleashed. He had 167 rushing yards and a touchdowns in 22 carries to go with 14 tackles in that breakthrough game.

No. 9 Davon Jones, RB, 2010

When Norris Vaughan came to Mountain Pointe in 2009, he quickly turned to Jones to resurrect the program. Jones had 33 touchdowns on that 12-1 team that lost its only game to Mesa 14-10 in the state semifinals. They are second-most in school history, only to Brown’s 52.  Davon Brown’s comeback after playing just five games his junior season coincided with Mountain Pointe’s turnaround in Vaughan’s first season, going from 2-8 in ’08.

No. 10 Mike Collins, WR, 1994

Collins was a pretty dynamic wide receiver, before he became one of the top players in the 1998 College World Series, an infielder on Arizona State’s baseball team that finished national runner-up. His 10 catches against Glendale Ironwood in 1992 still stands as a single-game school record.  He caught four TD passes in a game in 1993, which Jalen Brown equaled twice. He is second behind Jalen Brown for most TD catches in a career with 13.

Mountain Pointe graduate and Mesa Community College freshman linebacker Wesley Payne made an immediate impact averaging 14.4 tackles per game.

Former area players finish up college football season

Posted: Sunday, December 7, 2014 11:45 am

Jr. WR/DB was named Player of the Year by the Coaches of Section III South. Officially, Brown finished the season with 63 catches for 1,150 yrds and 18 TDs, breaking several school receiving records along the way. Congratulations to Jalen!

The Pride also picked up several other individual honors. These players were chosen by the coaches of Section III South:

1st Team Offense:

QB – Antonio Hinojosa

RB – Garette Craig

OL – Kenny Lacy

Snapper – Mitchell Fraboni

2nd Team Offense:

RB – Thomas Warren

Punter – Ryan Sheehan

1st Team Defense:

DB – Travonn White

LB – Wesley Payne

DL – Natrell Curtis

2nd Team Defense:

DB – Jimmy Holtrop

LB – Landry Payne

DL – Charlie Trevino

Congratulations to all! GO PRIDE!


Saturday marked a day of firsts for the Mountain Pointe Football Program. The Pride football team made its first appearance in the AIA championship game in school history. The Pride had reached the semi-finals two other times but fell short. Unfortunately, Hamilton defeated Mountain Pointe by a score of 31-16. It was a tough game and the Pride players never quit. We would like to thank our parents, students, faculty, staff and community for their overwhelming support this season.


Skoda Reflecting on this season

Photos From Saturday

The AIA will host a Championship Media Day today live at 10am from Wofley’s Neighborhood Grill. There will be a live broadcast on Coach Vaughan and a few of our players will be there. Check it out!

The Mountain Pointe Football team won a decisive victory Friday night against Brophy College Prep by the score of 30-0. Read more here and check out this great selection of photos from the Ahwatukee news (Courtesy of Jason Skoda and David Jolkovski).

The Championship game will be take place at University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale. Kickoff at 12:07pm.  Here is some information for students, parents and fans regarding this week’s activities and the game this weekend.

1.       The Arizona Cardinals will sell tickets on campus on Tuesday 11/20 10:30 AM-4:00 PM in the MP auditorium lobby.  Tickets may also be purchased at the Cardinals Training Facility in Tempe M-W, F, 8:30 AM-5:00 PM or the day of the game at the stadium starting at 9AM. Adults are $10, and students are $6.

2.       Game Day shirts will be sold beginning tomorrow on campus by the Football Boosters starting at approximately noon.  Cost will be $10.  Shirts may be purchased Wednesday evening in the gym lobby during the home wrestling match with Perry.

3.       There will be free student rooter buses for Saturday’s game.  They will depart the school at 9 AM sharp and will leave U of P stadium Parking lot 30 minutes after the conclusion of the game.  Students must sign up in the bookstore to travel on the bus.  Students that ride the bus to the game must return to MP on the bus.

4.       Student Council will organize a tailgate at the stadium.  Look for the large “MP” Flag and representatives from Student Council.

5.       A Pep Rally is tentatively scheduled for Wednesday afternoon at Karl Keifer stadium at approximately 1 PM.

Thank you all for your support. We will have more details as the week progresses. We hope to see everyone at the game and have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Mountain Pointe earned the top seed in the Div. I playoff bracket two weeks ago and has performed like the number one team ever since. In the first round, Yuma Cibola traveled to Ahwatukee only to find the Pride offense in full effect. Mountain Pointe topped Cibola 49-0.

Last Friday the Pride played their last home game of the season against Desert Mountain. Desert Mountain came into the game with one of the most prolific passing attacks in Div. I. The Wolves came in averaging over 260 yrds/game passing. Standout Jr. QB Kyle Allen and Jr. WR Mark Andrews combined for over 1,400 yrds passing between the two. The Pride would prevail behind a punishing running game lead by Garette Craig and Thomas Warren. The Pride offense ran 78 plays compared to Desert Mountain’s 48. Mountain Pointe won by a final score of 45-14.

Next Friday, Mountain Pointe will have a rematch with Brophy College Prep at McClintock High School. Both teams come in to the game putting up great numbers offensively. Brophy won a shootout in the first round against Chandler 54-44 and followed that performance up with a win over Red Mountain in a defensive struggle 14-13 last Friday. The winner of this game will face the winner of Hamilton and Desert Ridge in the championship game on November 24, at University of Phoenix Stadium.